Masaryk University Algebra Seminar

For the time being, the internal seminar of the Algebra group in Masaryk University (Brno) has moved online. The topics of the talks will belong most likely to one of these families: category theory and categorical logic, algebraic topology and homotopy theory, poset theory.

The seminar will be live on Zoom every Thursday at 13.00 CET. The password of the meeting is BAS20. Check out the videos on our Youtube channel. Each session will be approx. 1h long.

The table below comes with some additional material: an abstract (click on the title of the talk), the slides () and a video ().

Organizers: Jiří Rosický, John Bourke, Ivan Di Liberti.

Date Title Speaker Material
30.04 A topos‐theoretic proof of Shelah's eventual categoricity conjecture. C. Espíndola
07.05 Topos-theoretic completeness theorems. C. Espíndola
14.05. A unified framework for notions of algebraic theory. S. Fujii
21.05 Towards a 2-dimensional spectral construction. A. Osmond
28.05 Globular Multicategories with Homomorphism Types. C. Dean
18.06 TBA. A. Campbell
16.07 TBA. C. Walker

Refresh this webpage frequently! More coming soon.

If you would like to be a speaker, or you want to contact the organizers of the seminar, you can reach us via email. Make sure to include the word BAS20 in the subject.